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New York Photo Booths

Create memories at your wedding, birthday party, bar mitzvah, or corporate event with a professional photo booth. offers a range of options for parties in New York City and the surrounding area. Whether you are having a small event or a huge celebration, our packages will entertain your guests and give everyone images they can keep as mementos and share on social media.
If you are throwing an event with a great band or other entertainment, consider an open air photo booth rental that will enable other guests to watch as others pose for the camera. In our party packages we offer two open photo booth options. The essential model is in our Silver Package, while our Gold package has multiple screens to display images. Among our packages, we also offer an enclosed photo booth. This classic option is ideal for taking photos with a bit more privacy or to evoke an old-school vibe at a big event or corporate gathering.
Explore our digital photo booths and find the model and package that will take your party entertainment to the next level.

Social Media Booth

You and your guests can capture your memories and post them instantly with this extremely affordable addition to your event. Perfect for weddings, graduations, birthdays, or any other huge event you can think of, the Social Media Booth is a great addition everywhere. Capable of much more than just taking high-quality photos and videos for you to post, the Social Media Booth allows you to create Boomerangs, and GIFs, and adjust the tilt angle to make sure you capture the perfect memory.

Retro Mirror Photobooth

The Retro Mirror Photo Booth might look nostalgic, but it’s as high-tech as any photo booth you’ve ever seen! Choose from funny frames, different hairstyles, black-and-white or color photos, and so much more with the Retro Mirror Photo Booth! Easily customize and share your photos with this unique photo booth. A great option for events with limited space due to its compact frame, it also has state-of-the-art software to capture extremely high-quality pictures of you and your family/friends.

Beauty Mirror Booth

The Beauty Mirror Booth is a stylish, chic alternative to your regular photo booth experience. Share or print your professional, perfectly lit pictures or GIFs (yes, it can record GIFs) instantly and make your friends think you’re the next up-and-coming influencer. Equipped with custom backgrounds, photo signing, drawing, and stamping, and professional camera-work, the Beauty Mirror Photo Booth does it all while keeping your party looking fantastic.

Mirror Me Booth

Designed for all ages, the Mirror Me Booth appeals to everyone. Equipped with a particularly unique design, this full-length mirror takes professional-grade photos and videos of you and your family/friends. Choose from an incredibly wide range of features and animations to make your pictures pop off the screen (or in this case, mirror)! Tap and write to your heart’s content while you’re making your memories last forever.

Mirror Me Air Booth

The Mirror Me Air Booth is the perfect addition to any large event! Incredibly sturdy and portable, this booth is easy to transport, set up/take down, and enjoy, completely hassle- free. Framed with RGBW LED lights that will enthrall your guests, it’s perfect for capturing core memories from weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, birthdays, and any other incredibly important moments in your life. Capture your precious moments with friends and family in the easiest way possible with a Mirror Me Air Booth!

360 Photo Booth

One of our most popular photo booths, the 360° Video Booth practically guarantees your party will be incredible. With a 360° rotating camera, you’ve never taken videos like you will with this. Up to 4 people at once can create completely unique videos in unbelievably high-quality resolution, and you can share them instantly to social media, or to yourself via text or email. Take your event up a few notches with the 360° Video Booth.

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